06 julho 2010

My petal clutch is FINALLY ready!!!

When I saw this post at Lovemaegan I knew I wanted to have something similar NOW!

Then, in my grandparent's house I've discover this old purse from my aunt and I knew it was PERFECT for the effect.

1º I've removed the strap and the "Rocco Barroco" metal piece (it was so hard, I had to use a pliers and everything! :P)

2º I've bought this organza like fabric for 3€ (I have a lot of leftovers).

3º For each flower, I've cut a rectangle of 20x10 cm.

4º I fold it in the middle and started sewing both sides. Then, I cut the gathering part as-well!

5º Once the parts were separated, I've cut it this shape, maintaining the stitches:

6º Then, I pulled the flower with the string.

7º And made it look like this:

8º Now, it was time to add flowers!

9º And voilá, I have now a GORGEOUS petal clutch inspired in Louboutain for only 3€!!!

A special thanks to my boyfriend that not only sewed most of the flowers, but also taught me this different way of making the flowers! Big kiss, honey!

2 comentários:

  1. nice!!I wanted to learn how to make fabric flowers, i think they would make my flip flops much more fun and interesting!thanks!!!


  2. Oh Nadia, you're soooooooo amazing!!!

    I loved the final but if the flowers were on a more vibrant color, like green or shocking pink mixed with oragen (which would fit perfectly your hair), the effect should be better!




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