09 setembro 2010

C'mon Zara!

Despite the buzz around Zara online store (which it's awesome!), the site is not working right, which gets annoying!

Nevertheless, here is a selection of must-haves:

1º One of these two bags... I'm in love with the first, which is 49,95€, but the suitcase is a staple and it's 35,95... Hum...

Maxi skirt: This is the one! It's only 19,95 and it's just like I wanted!

Oxfords: These are PERFECT! 49,95€ and they'll be mine!


Oh, and since I'm here, I've seen this perfect wool shorts from Oysho! They're cute, but a bit too expensive for my taste... Something like 17€ or so... But I WANT!!!


4 comentários:

  1. eu tenho os oxford, e a m o. agora queria ver se comprava a mala, a segunda.

  2. Quero esses oxford! Onde os posso encontrar? Pois nas duas zaras mais próximas do sítio onde moro não têm! Obrigado *


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