22 setembro 2010

Grrr...I'm a tiger! Ups... Leopard!

I feel like going wild, savouring each bite... 'Cause life is too tasty to miss!

pictures taken by João from Artistic By Fashion

White shirt with bow: Massimo Dutti
Black leather shorts: Zara
Leopard coat: Formula
OTK boots: Stradivarius
Bag: Mango
Belt: Mango
Ring: Parfois

The weather is driving me nuts, 'cause it's still sunny here!!! And hot, of course! But I don't care, I can't resist summer staples any longer... So, I had to go for leopard! Some of you may already know that I used to despise it! Now, I see it's strengths!

I met fellow blogger Cáti from Behind Cáti's Eyes and it was SOOO fun!!! Kiss, girl, those 2 hours were AMAZING! ;)

I felt so POWERFUL with this outfit... Like I could do whatever I wanted to! :p And guess what? I CAN!

Btw, this is the outfit I would wear for my country's fashion week! I'll add this look to Chicisimo later on!

Big kiss,

26 comentários:

  1. You're a leopard, a tiger, any animal! They have fur, you know? Even when it's hot they don't care... They will never take thwir clothes off! Who cares if it's 35º?? If Nadia brings a fur coat, rain will fall!!! GO GIRL!

    I absolutely love your pose! And the scenary! where is it? TAKE ME THERE!

  2. this boots are so amazing!!!!! and the style!!! you are going to be the most fashion beater in Portugal hehehehehee!!!!

    Força Nadia!!!!

  3. I love these shorts and these boots. Fabulous.


  4. This is just stunningly amazing down to every detail!

  5. OOOOH, que querida ao falares de mim :')
    Estavas mesmo linda ;p
    é verdade, eu antes tb nao achava muita piada ao padrão leopardo mas o ano passado comecei a gostar..e este ano nao dá para ficar indiferente tb *.* dá um ar "poderoso" e sensual e quando se fala em casacos de pelos então!... e ao mesmo tempo tb me faz lembrar dos peluches aha x)

    Queria voltar a estar ctg já hoje x'D gostei mesmo :) estava à vontade e nem te "conhecia".

    Bem, é melhor nao escrever muito e ficar por aqui xp

    Beijiiiinho :)*


  6. This is my first visit in this fabulous blog ...
    What a beautiful style here , Great and Glamour fashion, perfect combination for all seasons ! Nice over the knee boots style with shorts and romantic inspiration shirt blouse !
    I'm sure to see more awesome outfits and nice pics in older posts :))

  7. Dos melhores looks que já vi teus!!!!

    :D*** amei mesmo!!

  8. darling, you're GORGEOUS. such a sexy little redhead!

  9. Para variar adorei este outfit, fiquei encantada com a camisa, compraste nesta colecção de outono inverno?
    Aqui há dias vi-te no BP;)

  10. Love all the trends you have incorporated into this outfit x


  11. I love this outfit! Those shorts are gorgeous :) I'd love to meet up with bloggers :)

    Thankyou for your sweet comment!



  12. I love your outfit! Those shorts are so fabulous! And the pics are great!


  13. wauuww you look amazing!!
    so pretty and sexyy!!

    check my new post, and become one of my blogfriends if you want :)


  14. oh my god! i love your blog, why have i not found it sooner!

    i love what your wearing, especailly those leather shorts, i need some leather bad. you look great infront of the camera and the location is really good too.



  15. LOVIN those leather shorts! I like your style. http://idontwearjeans.blogspot.com/

  16. Adoro, aliás amo e é dos meus favoritos. É lindo, lindo, lindo. Tem alguma de misterioso o que o torna fascinante. Amo tudo desde o colete à carteira, passando pela camisa, botas e calções....

    Devias usar mais vezes pois favorece-te muito, dá-te um ar muito poderoso e ao mesmo tempo sensual e acho que qualquer mulher devias saber como é sentir-se assim.

  17. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3 iiiiiiii lllloooooooveeeeeeee iiiittttttt


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