27 setembro 2010

I will find my way...

It's only hidden, it just seems lost, but I'll make it... I'm too much of a nice gal to be missing this...

(YOZO and EXR, they made my day)

(Genuine smile, I thought I had to share!)

pictures taken by João from Artistic By Fashion

Harem black pants: courtesy of EXR
Satin pink blouse: Amisu
Peep-toe boots: Parfois
Black "croco" bag: Mango
Necklace: New Yorker
Black lace bra: D&G
Golden and black ring: Parfois

Holding: YOZO magazine

I was more than happy to go pick up my package from “EXR loves Pucca” collection, through Sekyu Kim from YOZO. It's a Korean brand, in case you're wondering.
Inside, there were these black harem pants, with a happy Pucca in the pocket, grinning at me!
And that's my happy story!

You can check all other EXR collaborations, which include Barbro Andersen
and Lena from Quality Rivets, among lots of others!

Fashion kiss to all,


P.S. Oh, in case you're wondering where the music comes from, it's a video. Scroll down... You already now what it is, I bet!

However, it is also a song that found it's way to move my feelings, because of it's lyrics!

Then we told each other with no trace or fear that:

Our love would be forever
And if we die, we'd die together
and lie, I said never
'Cause our love, would be forever"

Just remember it!

15 comentários:

  1. Ola!
    Estas linda,super sensual.A cor do teu cabelo e muito bonita,fica te mt bem.
    Definitivamente,gosto muito do teu blog e dos looks, agora estou a seguir te!

  2. Olá Nádia!!!
    As fotos estão muito bonitas e o look está super sensual, também quero uma camisa dessas.
    Já te vi por duas vezes, uma delas já há algum tempo. Tu estás sempre bem vestida, estavas com o teu namorado e levavas umas calças de ganga escuras, prometo que para a próxima vou ter contigo. Beijinhos

  3. My cat's name is Pucca :D.
    I love your outfit !

  4. Adorei este look. Tão arrojado e chic. E digo-te mais, é dos meus favoritos.
    Não consegues? Ora essa... Não te aparece "seguir" na barra superior cinzenta? Falhas técnicas, enfim :p

  5. I love this post! Thanks for sharing x I’ve just come across your blog and I love it! Will be stopping by from now on x

    Enter my Halloween giveaway:

  6. I was posting my look at Chicisimo and saw u are also wearing Pucca collection ; ) U really style it niceeeeeee girl


  7. lovely blouse!!! and nice detail to have your nails with the same colour...and talking about nails colours...what you think is the most "fashionable" colour for this season???? 505 chanel?? maybe???

  8. i love your blouse! gorgeous style miss x


  9. wow your boots are so cute!

    great blog!

  10. Great outfit! You look very nice. The styling is excellent. And your hair.... gosh.

    -Gayle from www.gayleisvolatile.blogspot.com

    P.s. Hope you like my maxi dress and follow my blog too :)

  11. I really love this look! You're such a pretty girl! Perfect pictures



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