14 setembro 2010

Making my own path

There are moments that you need to grab your life and give it a twist, not break it, but change the way you see it! Sometimes you just need to realize who's in charge of your destiny...and that person is you itself!!!

pictures taken by me (Nádia Sepúlveda)

Up-waisted denim shorts: Zara (new sale purchase)
Flowery cardigan (with pads to make pointed shoulders): Sfera
Lace tights: Calzedonia
Fringed camel boots: El Corte Inglés
Ring: Parfois
Watch: Stradivarius

I'm feeling like I'm getting a new hold on my life, as though I could be anything I want to be, just for the sake of fighting!

I was trying to give my first fall outfit a more cold vibe, but I suffer lots with the HOT weather! haha

Anyway, I had so much fun photographing me and the yellow spider and all that! ;)

And what do you guys think of my new header? I had to use these new pics! I'm so proud indeed! You guys know I need all the happiness I can get! :)

Love and welcome to all my new followers!

21 comentários:

  1. Grande postura corporal, gosto!
    Obrigado pelo comment, é sempre bom saber!:P
    um grande beijinho

  2. I love the pictures! They are very very pretty. And your new header is GREAT. I love it, I've been needing to change mine for a while now.

    Classy and Delicious

  3. lovely photos love the top too! hope ull follow xxo

  4. YES, you are in charge, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Very nice shoots too, especially the ones which are backlit by the Sun, they have such a nice lens flare. And I do like the new header, it picks up all the other colors you have on the page (the blues and also the white) nicely!


  5. Gosto muito do novo cabeçalho :)

    E gosto do post: das fotos, da nova atitude, de tudo!
    Agarra-te à vida e sorri acima de tudo. Aos poucos tudo se resolve...para bem ou para mal mas uma coisa leva à outra e andamos sempre a saltar de uma pa outra...mas é a vida nao é?
    Temos que ser fortes, acima de tudo.

    Adoro esses calçoes! tive mesmo para os comprar nos saldos mas dpois mudei de ideias mesmo à ultima..escolhi outra coisa xp (enfim, coisas q acontecem)

    Beijinho :)


  6. awesome photos... love your top..

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  7. wow! fantastic pics and outfit of course :)

  8. Beautiful pictures and I love your outfit so well styled xoxo

  9. Love your look, beautiful photos xx


  10. wise words and amazing jean shorts!!!who said that great style can go with great minds?;)


  11. lovely outfit!!...love the top and the boots!!


  12. your shorts are gorgeous! Love your new header too... Hope you're okay :)



  13. lovely pictures...is that a spider I see in the 3rd shot?! eekkk!


  14. Beautiful outfit. I love flowered cardigans myself, although sometimes it's difficutl to put them into outfit without making it "too cute" . You keep the perfect balance here.

  15. these pictures are indeed beautiful! love your thights and boots!! :)

  16. keep fighting! i really love those collants u have. DIY?! From what? your nanny's weeding dress? LOVELY!


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