27 setembro 2010

She's unknown...but she'll never be anymore!

With a delicious style like this, I bet Nadiyah (yet another! yay!), will have major success as soon as she open her blog!!! Future http://www.theheedless.com/. I will be waiting for it to open and you should too!

That way, you will get fresh and amazing looks like this one!

How perfect can it get??? Rouded glasses, hat, oversized shirt, amazing pants and sooo on! And almost all vintage! Cool, right?

beige vintage pants
brown vintage belt
white vintage blouse
black Aldo shoes

All credits belong to Nadiyah (aka Frou). You can meet her at her Chictopia account.

3 comentários:

  1. You are so right, she is going to be awesome! But how funny is it that we are in the same situation, I cannot wait for friend of mine to start a blog, bc I;m sure se'll be great :):):)



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