19 outubro 2010

BrowNY assault

I surrender. I was the one who did the crime! It was not my intention, but my will was too strong! Sad are my thoughts, but man, did I love it!!!

pictures taken by João from Artistic By Fashion

Military jacket: kindly offered by BrowNY
Grey skirt: Fishbone
Black t-shirt: Amisu
Lace tights: Accessories
Black booties: Parfois
Black handbag: Zara
Black ring: Parfois

BrowNY is a New York based brand that was founded in October 2008. It's includes a wide range of collections including vintage jewelry & accessories and it's famous military jackets. It's products can be found online and in stores across North America and even in department stores in UK, like Topshop.

I was very happy to collaborate with them, since their items are in good quality and very fashionable!

Find their site here.

On another note, I still wanna leave this planet NOW!!! Oh, please, take me away, Mister Alien!

Blah, wake me up when October ends... After my Cardiology exam...

Thanks for the strenght to carry on, guys!


18 comentários:

  1. You look fierce and cool, I LOVE the lighting too, Brilliant!!!


  2. Really fierce with the lace tights and these hot boots!

  3. Boa!! Adoro o título e o teu olhar, tal qual uma mug shot!! :D

    Não ficaste ceguinha de olhar para os faróis? Eu fico passado algum tempo de olhar para os projectores quando tiro fotos! ;)

    Bjos, tens um blog admirável.***

  4. Very, very, very, beautiful post!!!)))
    Nice blog, lovely.

  5. great shoes and tights! I love lace tights ;)

    Watching the waves

  6. these pictures are great. i love the lighting. the tights are my favorite part of the outfit:)

    sincerely, YCM


  7. I really like the lighting in these photos and the artistic ways in which you hold your pose. :)

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  8. these tights r wikked, i hav commented on two different blogs about ther tights but i think i luv ur the most, please follo my blog:

  9. Great shots, love the effect and your outfit! xx

  10. Sem dúvida que tens evoluido :)


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