18 outubro 2010

Falling in my hands

My mom and aunt went to Vigo, Spain, and managed to get me some most wanted pieces for little.

First things first: fitting white shirt with balloon sleeves for 3€ from Mango.

Uber comfy knitwear for only 6€ from Sfera.

And this BEAUTY!!! I was loooooonging for it so much! Readers, meet Zara's baby for 39,95€!

No outfit post today, darlings, but I promise tomorrow we'll have some! ;)

Slowly, my days are getting better...

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7 comentários:

  1. and my question is..where do u find in Vigo this cheap clothes??? because I have my hometown very close to it :D

  2. Spanish brands are so very cool, and for those prices it would be a crime not to get them!


  3. THAT SHIRT. IS. AWESOME. I love crisp white shirts, even though they remind me of school. Oh, I just did a MASSIVE photography post, if you wanted to check it out? And thanks so much for your sweet comment! Panda xo

  4. gorgeous pieces! I love that jacket so much:)

    Congratulations on being featured in Young, Hot and Famous too!




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