18 outubro 2010

Photography & Words | Intimate space

I'm staring at my mirror
there's no soul inside
only cold breaths of glass
grasping my silent eyes

My reflection turned his back on me
I won't see him for a while
- it's just a tiny walk -
but it's still missing
and I can't help but to stick my finger in the wall
call it out
with no recall
craving for a hand
a smile
a tiny glimpse

My twin can't see me
I'm all alone
expecting the return
so I can give my feather away
and say I'm home again

(Nádia Sepúlveda, 14th October 2010)

Photo credits:


'Reverie' Ph. Alice Rosati
Styling & Set Design: Lubna Balazova
Hair & Makeup: Linda Scholander
Models: Virginia & Katharina @ Next

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