08 outubro 2010

Nothing to give

I came here bare-handed
with nothing to offer but my silly devotion
I expected nothing
I just stared blankly at your lovely eyes
and replied in a muted whisper
"I need you"

I was coiling in my darkest thoughts
afraid that the world had closed its gates...
No, not its...yours...
But anyhow it was all changed
and the key lingered my hands again

Not any words can express the hope
not many miles can drive me away from here
but I know now that it's never vain
to dream
to seek what means the most
to love

I'll keep gazing the universe
laughing each day at my own luck
for who feels so deep is never a fool
only true

My heart is here for you
my bare limbs are here to be soothen
I'm not much of a treasure
but I'm stuck in your heart somehow
pointed fingers grasping your chest
and I can't be moved

Stare at me
and see what I am
a strange, naive creature
livid cream in your dark wounds
too scared to move

I don't have anything to give...

but my love.

(Nádia Sepúlveda, 8th October)

Source of the pic:

AnOther Magazine #18 Spring/Summer 2010 Ph. Paolo Roversi
Model: Guinevere van Seenus
Stylist: Olivier Rizzo

5 comentários:

  1. thanks for dropping by my blog and for you comments :)
    you should definitely read more of piet hein, if you havent already, i love the fact his poetry can be interpreted in different ways.
    loving the picture above :)

  2. the picture is such a inspo and the poetry makes even more inspo!

  3. A foto é qualquer coisa mesmo :) vou "roubar".

    beijinho querida *


  4. so that is by Paolo....
    didn't recognize at the first glance but i knew i felt that for a reason.


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