16 outubro 2010

Purple wind

Crawling my arms around my knees...
singing a lullaby until you come back
I'm waiting as I smile
for there's no future to fear

I'll keep dreaming my dreams
as I sit here gazing your eyes
waiting for them to open and whisper
"I need you forever"
even if I don't know they would

But I'll be waiting still
for my dreams have been written long ago
I'm balancing in my own embrace now
only have mine until you hold me in your arms again...

(Nádia Sepúlveda, 14th October 2010)


FIASCO Magazine Ph. Justin Wu
Model: Jamie Kendrick
Stylist: Dan Blake
Set Designer: Luke Abby
Grooming: Josie Heighton-Towers
Fashion Assistant: Filippo Giuliani
Retouching Assistant: Remi Guenaire

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