24 outubro 2010

What's your style tribe?

I love quizzes, so, when I discover this one, I had to find out!!!

What's your style tribe?

This was the result:



you're a total fashion junkie

You live and breathe fashion, it runs through your veins and just the sight of a glossy magazine sends your heart into palpitations. You want to know who's wearing what, where they're wearing it and how you can get hold of it.

It's not so much a love for shopping but a desire. For you a department store is heaven on earth. You have an amazing eye, and you can spot a fake from the real thing a mile off. You know what's going to be hot before it even hits the catwalk.

Your style is changeable depending upon how you feel and what the trends are doing but you always look good, never try-hard, just wonderfully fashionable.

Style icon:
Alexa Chung

Most likely to be seen:
in next season's trends

Bedtime reading
catwalk reports from New York, London, Paris and Milan

Alexa handbag from Mulberry

Take the quizz yourself here and get the chance to win a a £500 House of Fraser gift voucher!

2 comentários:

  1. já fiz, deu o mesmo que a ti :)



  2. What an interesting quiz, love it!!!



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