13 novembro 2010

Let's get sportive

Staring at my mirror and seeing new forms of myself I've never seen!

pictures taken by my aunt (Paula Martins)

Red waistcoat: courtesy of JAMBANGEE
Madonna t-shirt: Chimpanzee
Denim shorts: Zara
Grey knee socks: Stradivarius
Grey hat: Ralph Lauren
Black galoshes: BCBG Max Azria
Watch necklace: idk

A few words about this JAMBANGEE collaboration:

1. The point of styling coordination.

I'm usually not very sportive when I dress up, but I was willing to take the challenge! I tried to give it a cool grunge twist with denim shorts, the hat, the tee and the galoshes with socks!

2. The review about product.

I was very happy with the pattern of the piece, which I haven't notice and the color, that it's not wine, but smouldering red! It seems strong and very durable!
Seeing no weakness whatsoever!

3. Occasion

This outfit is perfect for chilling out with friends!

4. Your satisfaction totally on Cloth.

I would say a 4/5, since I don't use this kind of garment that much!

5. the free message about your feeling to readers of website.

Don't you ever be afraid to take risks! Try everything on and you might get some surprises!

Yet again, I'm very happy to collaborate with Korean brands via YOZO!

On another note, I'm currently in Oporto having fun! Life is moving... I'll just watch it!

See ya soon,

9 comentários:

  1. Tudo te fica bem, parece impossível, aha :)

    No Porto? muiiito bem *
    O caminho é em frente ;)


  2. original boots , perfect with these shorts and over the knee socks ! great style for pre-data winter.

  3. Those boots/ galoshes are awesome!!!


  4. those boots, r insanley wikked, please follow my blog i'd appreciate it sooo much, i read urs all the time

  5. I'm loving the socks with boots look!

    The Haute Road


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