23 novembro 2010

Photographer crush: George Downing

George Downing, a 17 year-old photographer that caught my eye!

There's something about the way he captures the essence of the models that actually drives me insane!

And I love the way he plays with the light. If you check out my favorite photographers list, you'll realize that I have a crush for dark versus light pics (in the likes of Camilla Akrans or Greg Kadel). Therefore, I'm following this boy's work! Wish him the best luck...and portraits!

5 comentários:

  1. oh wow! he´s so damn talented!
    can´t stop looking at these amazing shots!

  2. I've seen his blog so many times, I just can't get enough! Such talent at such a young age, love all his work. Thanks for you very sweet comment, I've only just had time to post again :O Panda xo


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