26 dezembro 2010

Cover your head up!

If you think hats are dead and gone, rethink! Despite all the extravaganza, designers are still investing in these oh-so stylish must-haves! So, whether you’re hailing for winter or spring, why not take the time to buy a few of these babies?

May I suggest Fedora Hats (http://www.1001fedorahats.com/) or Panama Hats (http://www.1001panamahats.com/)? They are the owners of all the lonely hats you’ll see below, in my collage!

I can assure you, a hat will spice up any outfit and give it the perfect bohemian or chic hit!

7 comentários:

  1. I love hats, personally! I really like berets (I think it's the French in me) and fedoras. My boyfriend thinks I look really adorable when I wear them...sometimes I've got my doubts, heh.

    The Belle Fatale

  2. Hats are a must! Love them so I love this post ;)
    happy holidays!
    stop by sometime, xx natalie

  3. Eu adoro chapéus!
    Tiveste presentes lindos!
    Continuação de boas festas!Bjs.

  4. I love hats, bonnet,ex... !! ^^ Nice blog, I hope to see you in mine and if you like it,we can follow each other :D

  5. i love love hats..they definitely make big statement !!

  6. love dsquared looks

    new year preparation pt. 1, interview with Kim Mesches for KIMBO, first peak of Hunter S/S 11 uploaded at

    (follow me on blog and twitter to those of you who haven't!)


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