14 dezembro 2010

Let me read your clutch!

Olympia Le-Tan
simply read my mind... I LOVE books, I LOVE clutches, so this book clutch thingy is the BEST accessorie ever!!!

It's nerdie, but stylish! The new way to use books as stylish boosters! Superb!

Natalie and Clemence already rocked one. Would you be the next?!

Visit her website here: http://www.olympialetan.com/

5 comentários:

  1. aww, this is beautiful and stylish. ilikeit.


  2. oh wow, never seen it before, but really like the idea, very cool xx


  3. omg thats sooooo amazing! id definitely love to have a lolita one!


  4. That's funny, because in the nineties, she was a crazy french socialite, I mean Paris Hilton is an angel next to her !

    And now she makes these dreamy bags !

    See U !

  5. these are so lovely! want also to have one!

    and the green/blach dress in the first photo is also adorable!

    xx, Sabinna and David



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