25 dezembro 2010

My kind of Christmas

I'm not that kind of person that appreciates consumerism and enjoys Christmas just for the sake of the gifts.

Nevertheless, here I am, sharing some of my Christmas with all of you. I actually have some Style Diary pics to share as well, but they're not in my hands yet!

These were the pieces of clothing I received this Christmas! As you can see from my post here, I got things I was craving a lot (I also got the cellphone I was longing for, but this blog is about fashion, not gadgets, hehe).

I actually almost fainting when I got the white faux fur from Zara! So unexpected, truly! :)

And my red minimal dress, from Zara too... Perfection!

This owl is actually very special, you'll understand why soon! ;)

This is a detail from a Primark top. The shoulder are cover with "petals", actually it looks like soft little wings!

Love my new rings!!! Big pearls and gorgeous double finger with birdies!

Detail of the fur snood from Primark and my sweetie baby white!

Get a better look at my Prada inspired belt!

Detail from the other snood!

13 comentários:

  1. The white faux fur from Zara is SO beautiful! You're a lucky girl ;)
    Love your blog, beijinho do Porto xx

  2. amazing dress and the jacket is something i wouldn't wear(normally) but it looks great*

  3. Esse vestido... ando encantada por ele <33

  4. the red dress and faux fur jacket is gorgeous! Hope you've had a lovely Christmas! xx

  5. The white coat is AMAZING!!!


  6. thank you for your comment. i hope you had a great xmas :)

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x

  7. aw, i'm glad you h ad such a pleasant xmas :-) your goodies pile is fantastic :-)

  8. lovely gifts... beautiful brooch. merry christmas to you! just found your lovely blog.

  9. Que presentes lindos!Continuação de boas festas!

  10. awesome gifts! really beautiful items :)


  11. The dress is amazing. I love such a minimalistic dress that by virtue of its cut and colour speaks volumes.

    You were very lucky this Christmas girl....now I am going to go look for that dress....BTW why is the snowy owl special?

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

  12. esse vestido deve ser dos mais ambicionados de toda a blogosfera! =) e é lindo decididamente.




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