08 dezembro 2010

Pirelli's Mythology for 2011 is epic already!

I must say I'm impressed! Karl managed to create a piece of art, gather the right models and rise the uproar of many disappointed males. And this time, the reason it's not the "not enough nude" thing, but the fact he managed to add nude male models into the scene. They're a nice addiction, if you ask me! ;) Like the "romance" between Abbey and Freja... Hum, alluring!

Anyway, I was so inspired by this calendar and some of the pics, that I actually wrote a mini story regarding it!

Here's the photo-story:

She came from the water, gently, sensually and all the crowd just gaze. In her eyes there was the unsettling cold of ice, in her body the promise of waves...She was a goddess, I can assure...

The muses just stood there, waiting for their beauty to be requested for the pleasures of the flesh. For a goddess can't be touched, but they can.

Suddenly, the arrow of war turned into a weapon of love, and two souls met their hearts.

"Don't leave me", she whispers quietly. "You know I couldn't, baby! I'm yours..."

Meanwhile, lost hearts satisfy their lust, covering their ears to the yells of the Gods. They all know they'll perish soon, but what's life without a bit of fun?

What's life without the flames hurting your scales, making your skin melt, until you can only submerge into your desire and explode into fluid?

"Come, my lover, let's go... The hell is the destiny for those who actually live."

I may burn in flames now, but remember, honey, I was there when you first kissed!

Pirelli Calendar 2011 Ph. Karl Lagerfeld

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  1. The Picture Of Abbey And Freja Holding Hands Is Beatuiful



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