05 dezembro 2010

She's an angel of death...in all the right ways!

Sarah Lauren from Sarah Lauren is an astonishing stylish teen that I've already talked about here. She's just got this pure meets gothic aesthetic that I LOVE!!!

See her in a true mesmerizing, so delicate and yet so strong, look:

Don't you just ADORE her DIY headband?! It's like the most beautiful headpiece ever!

And her dark lipstick, hum? GORGEOUS!

Top - Topshop

Body suit - Topshop (worn underneath)
Maxi skirt - Vintage
Belt - Mine from years ago
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbells
Flower headband - DIY

All credits belong to Sarah Lauren and her blog: http://sarah-laurenn.blogspot.com/

12 comentários:

  1. Oh wow...I think...I didn't like it!
    I mean...she's beautiful, but she looks like a zombie!! lol

    Skinny and covered in black.
    Anyway, the blouse she's wearing underneath is beautiful.


  2. is that you>! wowza- gorgeous girl- love the lippy and the styling!

  3. Love her look! I'll check her out now ;)
    And belated happy birthday!!

    xx Cristina

  4. Amazing. This could be in a magazine!


  5. I love her style!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment! =)


  6. thanks for sharing! she looks fab

  7. oh wow, she looks amazing! definitely going to check out her blog :) thanks for the fab post xx

  8. totally amazing!!!!!! :))))



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