01 janeiro 2011

2010 Flashbacks


2011 is here already? Who would have thought! My 2011 resolutions are:

1. learn to have more fun!

2. dedicate (even) more time to Mr. Bloggy here!

3. learn how to cook already!

4. give my country's fashion weeks a break and visit them!

5. exercise more!

6. get singing lessons!

7. reach 1000 followers (omg, that's a tough one!!!)

8. continue to learn about style and getting more and more innovative!

9. BE HAPPY!!!

Hope you can come with me in this journey! :)))

Meanwhile, why not look upon 2010 and learn with the past?

This was a year of growing, here at my blog, it was the year that I decided to open my arms to all of you, and actually invested my hours in the process. Pictures, collages, inspiration, poems, it was all here! :) I just hope I have what it takes to keep evolving!

Style wise, I want to be fiercer, get more eccentric, but always TRUE to myself! :)

Take a look at some of my favorite 2010 outfits (click in the pic to go to the original content):

May all your 2011 resolutions become reality too!

Thanks for all the kind words, for all the support, for all the LOVE!!!


P.S. Oh, and do you like my newest layout? I wanted to go for something simpler in the header, for a change! :) And how cute are my new labels? Such a funny (and tiring) process!

9 comentários:

  1. The leather shorts are the BEST!


  2. Leather shorts, love it!


  3. Continua o bom trabalho que fazes aqui em 2011, Feliz Ano Novo! :)

    PS: gosto imenso do novo header.

  4. I love your new year's resolutions and your new layout! So refreshing! Your outfits are so dynamic!! I can't wait to see more from you! xoxooxoxo

  5. I love your poses and your outfits are killer! Happy new year!


  6. Gorgeous outfits, you have great style and a I like your list of new years resolutions xxx


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