02 janeiro 2011

Virginal white state

This is a tale of a girl forced to grow way to fast... Her skin, ever so pale, shine like a porcelain, and now it's lost all it's light, it's rotten, infected... Her eyes, so full of stars of wonder, are now frozen with tears... But she still wears her white veil to pretend she's ok.


Muse Winter 2010
Ph. Maciek Kobielski
Model: Magdalena Frackowiak

3 comentários:

  1. i love the redesigning of the blog but i miss the old header, but this one is just as amazing, you mused this picture so well, and i saw the same thought of thing you do. This model is gorgeous.
    keep visiting my blog and thanx <3 4 sharing


  2. Love love love=)



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