12 junho 2011

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A year ago Laura from Romance is Boring sent me an e-mail asking me to do my first ever interview! I stepped by it by accident today and stumbled across my FASHION ADVICES then. It was amusing reading them, because they're actually sooo real! Take a peak:


Há sensivelmente um ano atrás a Laura do blog Romance is Boring mandou-me um e-mail a pedir-me para fazer a minha primeira entrevista! Encontrei-a por acidente e estive a lê-la e a parte dos meus conselhos de moda deixou-me com um sorriso idiota, hehehe...é que é tão real! Dêem uma olhada (ah, não vou traduzir, desculpem lá a preguiça):

Make intelligent purchases: 
the best item is the one you’re actually going to wear when you got home, not the impossible mini dress you can’t combine with anything you already have.  

Look at the others: 
we’re all different and we all have our own light, but if you close yourself inside your mirror, you’ll miss awesome combinations you haven’t seen yet!  

Go for the classics: 
when in doubt, perfectly selected basics can make you look amazing!  

Organize your closet: 
removing the things you don’t wear anymore and cleaning your wardrobe helps you deciding what to wear and who knows what relic you’re going to find under the pile?! 

Be innovative: 
stare at a piece and think “How’s the weirdest way to wear this?”. Then use it that way! Everyone will say “wow, that’s unexpected!”. 

Only wear what YOU want:
remember, you decide your own style! Don’t go for the first trend anyone yells at you! 

Be yourself: 
you have a star inside you, you only need to seek for it! 

Full interview here.

A entrevista completa aqui.

7 comentários:

  1. Red the interview and liked VERY much.
    Concordo contigo:we ALL have a star inside us, we only need to seek for it!
    Tem um bom fim de semana blogger querida!!!

  2. Obrigada querida :) Ainda bem que gostas-te :D

  3. so cool! I like it :D


    have a nice weekend! :)


  4. Muita boa entrevista! "6º Only wear what YOU want:
    remember, you decide your own style! Don’t go for the first trend anyone yells at you!" É bem verdade, gostei muito. Beijinho

  5. maaaaaais nada :) eu costumo dizer que não podemos deixar que as roupas nos "vistam", temos de ser nós! Dar-lhes sempre um toque nosso*


  6. I couldn't agree more!!! Loved the 5th commandment specially...Be innovative... It's all I try to be lately!


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