09 fevereiro 2014

Photos & Words | We are all alone

It stings.
This emptiness, this longing, this dark...all is dark, all is silence.
Lambs, wolves, trees, humans...they all cry the same poem.
We are born alone. There's only a gasp, an instant of motherly love...and then it's all gone. 
Back to being lonely again. And it shall be like that through the years...until it eventually stops hurting.
And we realize there's beauty in the world...even when we have no hand to hold but our left one.

all images from David Uzochukwu

As fotos de David Uzochukwu transmitem solidão, desolação, comunhão com a natureza...
O ser humano surge como uma criatura frágil, finita, sozinha...mas bela!

Quem gostou do seu trabalho?
Podem descobrir mais fotos fantásticas no seu Flickr!


David Uzochukwu captures raw portraits, as men merges with nature...
His work reminds me we are all alone...and that fact has a beauty of it's own, don't you think?

Make sure to check his site and his Flickr too for more amazing pictures!

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