09 julho 2015

Trends | Bare your shoulders!

Aaaaaaaah, Verão!
Com estes dias de sol, fico cheia de vontade de usar vestidos leves e frescos,
práticos e descomplicados!
O meu armário tem andado um pouco desfalcado nesse departamento,
mas vou ver se aproveito os saldos para o compor!

Já agora, enquanto procuro, vou apostar em vestidos que deixem os ombros a descoberto,
característica que acho extremamente sensual!

Deixo-vos com algumas das minhas escolhas da Rosegal!
Digam-me qual é o vosso vestido favorito!


Aaaaah, summer!
This season has it's how magical meaning for most people!
Vacations, beach, warmer and longer days are just a few of the reasons I could speak of!

When it comes to clothing, 
I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels like wearing fresher and simpler clothes!
I personally have come to love the freedom of picking up a nice little dress and be ready to go!
It gives me more time to actually enjoy the awesome summer days!

One particularly trend that it's been ringing my bell is, hands down, the bare shoulders!
I think there's something truly sensuous and elegant about showing off our collarbones and back!
The perfect piece to pair my love your practical dresses and this sexy new trend are strapless dresses!

So I share all the fun with you, 
I'm gonna share with you some of my favorite baring shoulders dresses from Rosegal,
that you can grab for just $15-25!

I warm you: you may want to buy them all after reading this!

1 | 2

This soft salmon colored and laced beauty is adorable!
Makes think me think of ice-creams, candy and marshmallows!
Delicious and the perfect balance between sexy and cute!
Buy it here!

I'm not much of a flower motifs person,
but once I saw this gorgeous dress I was totally on!
It's elegant and distinctive, I'm sure it will look amazing on your wardrobe!
I know it will in mine!
Discover it's (low) price at the site (here)!

3 | 4

Sometimes simplicity is all we need and a nice full color dress is the best!
I must confess I love both white and red for summer!
The first one is fresher and cooler,
while the hot pigment of this dress makes him an instant sexiness boost!
Are you team "angel" or team "devil"?

I'm curious, which one is your favorite of the 4 dresses?

You can find more amazing strapless dresses here!

Compensation for this post was provided by Rosegal. All opinions expressed are my own.

6 comentários:

  1. O 3º é tão lindo!!

    Ana ♥

  2. Que vestidos lindos! É um de cada sff :)

    Vanessa S.
    De Saltos por Lisboa,

  3. São mesmo lindos! Também adoro os ombros descobertos :)
    O 2 é sem dúvida o meu preferido.

    Sara F.

  4. adoro o das flores, super feminino e romantico.

  5. Gosto muito de todos mas o vermelho enche me o olho


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