23 outubro 2015

Lingerie & Videos | Say hi to Freya and her most famous bra: Deco!

Freya probably needs no introduction, but in case you're hearing about it for the first time,
it's an UK based lingerie company, 
which sells some of the most famous DD+ bras in the lingerie world!

Deco Moulded Plunge is probably THE most famous
and I was lucky enough to grab one for sale at ebay in size 28FF!

We ended up not being off after all (our shapes are incompatible, but at least I tried!)

What about you?
Do you LOVE or HATE Deco?

A Freya é uma das marcas de lingerie de copas maiores mais famosa,
e o menino que vos vos apresentar hoje é o modelo mais popular da sua colecção:

Venham conhecê-lo "ao vivo":

Um excelente fim-de-semana para todos! 

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2 comentários:

  1. Hi! I just found your blog and love it! (the bra stuff anyway because I love bra-talking too) I'm fairly new to bras that actually fit, but I think we might be boob twins! except I'm a 30FF/30G... still narrowing it down.. but the matchy part is I'm even to FoB, projected, narrow, pendulous. Wondering, since Deco didn't work, what is your go-to t-shirt bra. I looove my Freya Ooh La La in blush, but I wear a lot of thin tanks and too much of the seams show up! Also wondering if you have tried the Freya sports bras and your thoughts. I'm having a crazy time trying to find properly fitting sports bras! Just got 3 in the mail (after the first one flopped) and they are close, but dig in to my armpits (not good when I need a big range of motion!) Thanks for this awesome blog!!

    1. Hi there, Keisie! Welcome to my blog! I'm glad you liked it! :)

      Well, I'd say Panache Black Ardour in beige is probably a great bet! Here I'm reviewing it in black in 30F: http://www.myfashioninsiderblog.com/2016/02/lingerie-be-my-valentine-panache.html

      I've tried the Freya moulded sports bra in 28F, you can see the full review here: http://www.myfashioninsiderblog.com/2016/02/lingerie-videos-freya-active-moulded.html

      I also LOVE the Panache sports bra, here I'm wearing a 30E: http://www.myfashioninsiderblog.com/2015/11/lingerie-videos-panache-sport.html

      Feel free to drop any questions! :D



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